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April 2014

Accoya - now good for 70 Years?

TRADA ( UK) has upgraded the life expectancy for windows and doors made from Accoya from 50 to 70 years in the UK and Europe as long as they are made using good joinery practice and are coated and maintained. Accoya use in the Joinery trade in Europe and the UK is booming. The long life and good practices are a winning combination. In NZ we have seen a number of jobs use Accoya but the trade has to date not seen the benefits as has been the case in other countries. Pretty hard to not see the benefits of a timber that is so stable and durable for Joinery. In NZ the joinery in your house to meet the Building Code only has to last 15 years, not exactly what most of us expect, but it is the law.

The London Door Company

Accoya use in other applications such as weather boards is taking off, as is use for boardwalks, decking, and other specialised end uses. The weather boards are a big change and combined with battens and screens we are seeing big volume sales flowing into this particular end uses. Decking sales are growing steadily as well.

Prestigious Doors

Sales in Accoya are growing fast and the demand is being driven in many cases by those that choose not to use Tropical Hardwoods. The miss use of hardwoods is helping our case as well. In recent weeks the failure of hardwoods in boardwalks has been a case in point over the great value Accoya can bring to many applications. Why have to maintain and replace timbers when using accoya means less maintenance and longer life?

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April 2014
/imagesdb/Issue/9e950ac9-6d6e-44e0-a9f4-3cb989dba2bc.jpgAccoya - now good for 70 Years?
TRADA has recently released data upgrading the life expectancy for windows and joinery made from Accoya from 50 to 70 years..
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We have some new faces at Timspec.
/imagesdb/Issue/fc076dcf-9028-4674-9ac8-a9d4dad9cd72.jpgSupply driven change
Supply chains for many of our timbers are stretched thin and not coping with the demands made upon them for supply. Not unexpectedly prices are rising for a lot of timbers. Watch the changes coming fast. The rise in raw materials is awesome.
/imagesdb/Issue/ac2edcaa-8ba5-4182-a8da-74e6a0d7d58f.jpgThe year ahead
2014 promises to be better than 2013 and that was better than 2012. Prospects for trade in supply the building trade are bright. The demand for building materials continues to improve. The supply chain shows many signs of stress as demand from around the World suck up the volumes.
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December 2013
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We are looking forward to 2014 with relish as we see lots of opportunities.
/imagesdb/Issue/d5f200d1-dee0-4031-9190-8df727056977.jpgXmas Close Dates and thanks
Christmas is closing in on us. A great year and 2014 looks like being even better. Xmas shutdown dates and processing issues discussed. See main story
/imagesdb/Issue/8a54b366-0098-456f-8c71-cb5d53825958.jpgOptimism in the air
Signs of improving activity in the Building trade abound.
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