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September 2018

Architectural Round Up

Timspec and Accsys Technologies recently took 5 Builders and 6 Architects to see Accoya being made as well as the diversity of end uses it is being used for in Europe. The trip illustrated to the visitors how Accoya is being widely used for low cost homes as well as “green” projects and more. The low cost homes use Accoya as a means to reduce ongoing maintenance costs, something we do not seem to always focus on here in NZ, rather being consumed with first up costs.

The expanded Accoya manufacturing site at Arnheim

A recent Grand Designs TV show featured Accoya. The link for the show is saved here.

Parklane is an Arvida Retirement Village in Christchurch, designed by Jasmax

Some exciting jobs being done in Accoya right now, a new High Commission Building in Niue clad in Accoya, houses all over the show as well as some innovative end uses. Want to know more call the guys in Our Architectural office in Auckland. We are CPD points registered for NZIA and have a great Accoya presentation we can do for you. Give Jonathan a call on 021 283 6973.

One new job we are doing is a bunch of boardwalks and decking for the Riverview Terraces development in Kaiapoi as depicted below.

Riverview Terrace development at Kaiapoi

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September 2018
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Accsys Technologies has added extra capacity to their Arnheim plant great timing as we see expanding demand.
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Timspec together with Accoya were major sponsors to the 3 seminars held in March promoting the use of the Declare Label.
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Promoting sustainable
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