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August 2012

Wooden Gates to the Rescue

If you saw Fair Go on the 15th August 2012 then you would have seen Alan Warner from Wooden gates Waiuku help out a young family by giving them a free set of gates.  Good on you Alan!  The family had paid someone else for a set of gates but that tradesman had failed to deliver.  Timspec gave Wooden Gates some free timber so that they could supply a 1M side-gate and a pair of 2M drive-way gates.

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August 2012
/imagesdb/Issue/f4dd529e-f26e-4610-a7ab-2b9e09609aa3.jpgWooden Gates to the Rescue
Alan Warner and his team at Wooden Gates, together with Timspec have helped out a customer by donating a gate. there is a link in the story to the story whcih screened on TV One on the Fair Go programme Wednesday 15th August.
/imagesdb/Issue/bf75bc66-6bef-4732-a891-bde929e06f2f.jpgTim Deck
We are launching our new FSC decking product in September. It is Radiata Pine, specially Quarter Cut and CCA treated with the addition of WAX and then machined to a fantastic watershed profile.
/imagesdb/Issue/813215d7-9099-4aab-a43e-d1aa9a3a8394.jpgStrong demand for NZ Hardwoods
We are seeing strong demand for NZ grown Eucalypts ( such as Saligna, Blackbutt( Pilularis)) so we are adding a new option NZ grown Messmate. We also stock NZ Maple and Cherry Beech the FSC Hardwood option from NZ.
/imagesdb/Issue/22373388-f9de-4d04-bf96-42d67ce6dc99.jpgCertClad and new highlight
July was a milestone with testing being successfully undertaken on the vertical shiplap certclad solution. The other news was the first jobs came through for BevelBack CertClad.
/imagesdb/Issue/c0b0cdd1-4a33-407c-b355-d5c49441192f.jpgAccoya Seminars a Success
During July we held 2 seminars about Accoya specifically for Architects and specifiers. Over 120 people attended and the one held in Wellington actually attracted more attendees than did the one in Auckland.
Current Feature Stories
May 2012
/imagesdb/Issue/4dd88af6-017c-4e25-b193-9f634d8897c2.jpgThe CertClad Story
CertClad Bevel Back cladding (a CodeMark certified system) is available NOW and we have a Vertical Shiplap solution under development which will be here soon.
/imagesdb/Issue/9c92ea48-672e-4e14-9b70-2405ce4f6b2e.jpgReinvestment at a new level
Cameron Shaw (The Renall Door Co) has passion and commitment as well as big....(proverbials). How many of us believe enough in what we are doing to invest $1.5 million + in new gear?
/imagesdb/Issue/827567cc-370e-4a74-b3c9-769e80bfbd7d.jpgGunns Sell
Gunns have sold off the last of their Hardwood Sawmills. Hayfield WAS their most modern and efficent Hardwood mill.
/imagesdb/Issue/fb24bcb6-f15d-4d06-bab8-eb6d84101111.jpgAccoya is Pumping
Accoya interest and sales are pumping, thanks to a lot of good work by our team and the efforts from Accsys Technologies. Currently the Tepid Pools job, as well as KFC stores are great projects that are underway.
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Promoting sustainable
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