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Dec. 2015

Australian Hardwoods

Australian Hardwoods – We seem to be seeing more sales in Australian Oak and although our sales figures so far are not showing a significant trend it does seem inevitable that we will see higher Aust Oak sales  as the costs for the American Hardwoods rises with the exchange rate affect.  We are being warned of a price increase on all Australian Oak  from 1st Feb. we do not think that will be translated into higher prices here as we have had some significant exchange rate movement between the NZ and Aussie dollars.. so will have to wait and see. Jarrah sales are steady but unspectacular. Started selling some Black Butt decking. 

Australian Oak – we are seeing some stronger demand as the better value it  represents causes more people to consider using it instead of the American Hardwood options. We are stocking Australian Oak in a wide variety of sizes. We have 50x25 through 250x25 and 75x40 through 250x40 as well as 50x50 through 300x50. We think NZ’s best selection??

Jarrah – is our second largest Aussie stocked species and we are seeing steady demand and steady pricing for Jarrah. It is a durable option fo Joinery and our doors in general. Not ideal for decking as it shrinks and swells quite a lot. A beautiful timber and a lovely colour. We stock a variety of 25, 40 and 50mm KD sizes in random lengths.

Black Butt – the Australian grown variety is a naturally durable ( Class 1 above ground)  species and it is being used more and more for patio decking and boardwalks. We have good stocks of KD decking pre oiled in 86x19 and 130x19.

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Current Feature Stories
December 2015
/imagesdb/Issue/50e4ece2-b683-48c1-b54c-6fca570c97db.jpgStaff News
2015 saw a number of changes in staff and we said good bye to some good people but we have been fortunate enough to fins some great new people and look forward to being able to do better than ever in 2016.
/imagesdb/Issue/fc22ac2b-cecf-44f9-b3e8-35cf13c4a277.jpgAccoya has a big boost in production coming
Accsys Technologies recently announced a joint venture with Solway to boost production at the Arnheim production facility nearly doubling capacity by 2017. So a big boost to Accoya supply is coming.
2016 Prospects and Opportunities
All the data and prospects point towards 2016 being busy and even better than 2015. Our biggest hurdle is managing the imported inflation some being the falling NZ dollar
/imagesdb/Issue/037d3f9f-e6ac-4800-b8e4-a02b01a48833.jpg2015 in Review
2015 has seen increasing building activity and a turning point for many of us to some tough times. 2016 looks promising and exciting. Bring it on.
/imagesdb/Issue/535a4d63-2ee9-4877-9a4d-55e90fc19201.jpgXmas Greetings
Xmas is only a few sleeps away and thank goodness. 2015 has been a real busy year.
Current Feature Stories
September 2015
/imagesdb/Issue/f324da3f-5237-4fff-9368-59fd36a53857.jpgStaff Updates
A few changes and additions all in Auckland.
/imagesdb/Issue/c7e6abb8-eded-4671-a075-6c365ccfacf7.jpgBlack Butt decking a new non tropical choice
Black Butt decking provides a non tropical choice to build decks and still use a class 1 durable hardwood.
/imagesdb/Issue/d75b42f9-772a-43f1-a11b-6719e30b728c.jpgSupply chains
Supply chains are groaning at demand for key items. The growth in demand after the GFC has been slow and has seen a large number of sawmills here in NZ and elsewhere close and go broke. This is leading to shortages in supply as the remaining suppliers struggle to cope.
/imagesdb/Issue/b5dc470d-607c-417f-8cf4-bd6d27a1af74.jpgBuilding Activity
Data we see coming through suggest continuing demand for building materials and weather boards as an example are flying out the door. So prospects for Building Supply merchants should be okay.
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Promoting sustainable
forest management

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