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December 2013

Timspec's teams looking ahead

The staff at our Carterton branch have a new leader (Shane Wilson) this year and the branch is now operating at a way better level. Shane has made a huge difference. He has penned some comments as below

Shane in the centre flanked by his team at Carterton

2013 was a very challenging year. A year that defined the Carterton Branch and saw the team move towards its potential. At a Branch level our goal is and was a simple one, continuous improvement.  Continue to improve our product and service. I know I have let a number of you down this year but it has been a very steep learning curve in not only  knowing your demands as a customer but understanding the product to best suit your end use needs and specification. I thank you for patience and more importantly your continued business . So from the Team at the Carterton Branch we wish you and your families the very best this holiday season and look forward to your custom in 2014. Merry Christmas. With thanks and kind regards, Shane –Carterton Branch Manager.

The Carterton team on their new sealed yard.

Simon Petrie and the his team in Auckland are doing the business. Second and third from the left are Les McGhie and Johnny Dobbyn. Simon is second from right, Keith on far right, left from SImon we have Alex, Connor, Matt, Junior, and then far left Sonny. Steve was not available.

Simon and his team delivering the goods every day. Included in this shot are Johnny Dobbyn ( third from right) and Les McGhie ( second from right) 

In Auckland we have had a busy time of it since April, bit slow before that. Simon and his team in the warehouse have been flat out. In the New Year they will see some new trucks and a new team member.

In the sales office we had Alan Owen join us and under Kris Jack the team there are doing a great job. The Auckland sales office sees a lot of foot and phone traffic not to mention the faxes and emails so the guys are busy.

Chai Sha has a new team member in Vesna Kostova and she joins us this week. Vesna takes over from Maria and looks after Accounts payable. Rex and I are still there and actually thinking positive thoughts.

Chai Sha on right (seated) with her team that look after our administration so well. Vesna Kostova is new addition who joins us this week in the accounts payable role. Vesna is seated on left. Fitu and Raewyn in the back.

Kris Jack with the Auckland sales office crew of (from left) Kris, Thomas, Alan, and Justin. Chris and Rex.

From the best dressed and the mainland team, Merry Christmas and cheers to all. No we don' usually look like this but scrubbed up well for Ayejai's recent wedding and what a great day we all had. At long last we are seeing some market improvement,  I have been sounding much like a scratched record to Chris and Rex for the past three post quake years, but it does seem like we have now come through the worst with some exciting projects in the bag and quoting many more.Huge uptake on our Accoya, and decking sales very strong. October and November were really good months for us, so a big thank you to our regular and new customers alike, you know who you are and we value your orders. James and Stephen are on deck for those last minute enquiries on Monday 23rd and AJ and myself will be back on 6th January to unload 2 containers of kwila decking..selling fast so get in quick.

Gareth and the Christchurch crew at Ayejai's wedding in November.

Safe and happy holidays to all and looking forward to a busy and hopefully profitable 2014.

Cheers from Gareth, James, Stephen, AyeJai and Luke

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