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Promoting sustainable
forest management
July 2014

Staff Update

In Christchurch the team are building sales and seeing positive news all the time and it is great that after such a trying time that at last we may see some profits. The Central Otago and Canterbury markets are pretty busy. Gareth is off for a well deserved trip home to the UK in late July to see his sister and mum. Stephen Norris is building up his Builder base and is going very well. James and the rest of the support team are doing a grand job.

In Carterton we recently hosted a MJ meeting and the feedback was fantastic with lots of bouquets for the clean and tidy site as well as thanks for the good job that the guys are doing for the various Joiners we service from there. Shane is doing a great job of building the team up and doing the business.

In Auckland busy times with a couple of staff leaving us. We have replacements in process of joining and training, but as we all know it is a disruptive process and time. The preparation for Masterspec, some big projects being quoted for and costed in Accoya, add to lots going on. The start of a new sales programme into Australia of our NZ grown Pilularis has taken up quite a lot of my time, as we seek to broaden our market. In July we have our first 2 containers of Pilularis heading across the ditch. We are trying to find a new sales support person for our busy sales office in Auckland. Anyone keen let me know!!!

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Current Feature Stories
July 2014
/imagesdb/Issue/76b9f7a1-27df-485c-a6e9-a572181a8afc.jpgStaff Update
A few changes in staff in our Auckland office and steady as she goes elsewhere.
/imagesdb/Issue/2637204e-f818-4d4b-a5bb-77c081546f10.jpgExporting Radiata Pine Logs - and Windthrown Indigenous Forests
Demand in China for softwood logs has dramatically reduced causing prices for export Radiata logs to fall. The huge areas of windthrown Indigenous forests are cause for concern.
/imagesdb/Issue/0331efaf-060e-40ab-9c6d-cbfb738f3012.jpgNZ Grown Hardwoods - some great eco friendly choice
NZ grown Exotics such as Saligna, Pilularis, Macrocarpa, Messmate, as well as SIlver Beech offer some fantastic buying as well as great Eco Friendly choices.
/imagesdb/Issue/27593454-5623-48a8-9a80-d8ff066b0cca.jpgEco Friendly Sustainable Seminars coming
We have 3 seminars, on available Eco Friendly timbers, planned for interested specifiers and users in November 2014.
/imagesdb/Issue/ac303f32-8e49-4d39-af6c-3caea7f05d1b.jpgCertClad now on Masterspec
CertClad's horizontal profile systems are now available on masterspec.
Current Feature Stories
April 2014
/imagesdb/Issue/9e950ac9-6d6e-44e0-a9f4-3cb989dba2bc.jpgAccoya - now good for 70 Years?
TRADA has recently released data upgrading the life expectancy for windows and joinery made from Accoya from 50 to 70 years..
/imagesdb/Issue/d953df6c-c859-4aff-b9af-efb9fcfa6813.jpgStaff Changes
We have some new faces at Timspec.
/imagesdb/Issue/fc076dcf-9028-4674-9ac8-a9d4dad9cd72.jpgSupply driven change
Supply chains for many of our timbers are stretched thin and not coping with the demands made upon them for supply. Not unexpectedly prices are rising for a lot of timbers. Watch the changes coming fast. The rise in raw materials is awesome.
/imagesdb/Issue/ac2edcaa-8ba5-4182-a8da-74e6a0d7d58f.jpgThe year ahead
2014 promises to be better than 2013 and that was better than 2012. Prospects for trade in supply the building trade are bright. The demand for building materials continues to improve. The supply chain shows many signs of stress as demand from around the World suck up the volumes.
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Promoting sustainable
forest management

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