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PEFC PEFC/01-31-140
Promoting sustainable
forest management
July 2016

Staff News

Auckland – Paul Greenhalgh who has been with us for 6 years got married at Queens Birthday weekend and we wish him well… and we welcomed Nirmal Kaur to the Accounts team in early June.

Paul and Leanne Greenhalgh celebrating their vows 

Carterton – very busy and seeing record levels of processing and despatch.. Shane and his team busy and doing a great job.

Dave Peachey a new employee at Carterton filleting some 150x63 Cedar.

Christchurch – Gareth gets closer to finishing his new home and he has moved in. The team in ChCh has been busy and we have made great headway in tidying up some loose ends and selling off the last of the panel products. We will no longer be selling and or distributing plywood’s, veneered boards and or MDF.

Gareth Goodman Jones ( TImspec South Island Manager) with MJ Supreme Award winner Charles de Lapomarede from Artisan Carpentry, Auckland

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Current Feature Stories
July 2016
/imagesdb/Issue/8a261184-b6e1-4acc-abdb-d2bd5d20468b.jpgStaff News
A few changes with Staff. See below for details.
/imagesdb/Issue/0740b360-55b1-46ff-b2ea-708efb686bb7.jpgSupply Update
No great surprises currently. Costs here and there rising although often times mitigated by exchange rate fluctuations.
/imagesdb/Issue/3c43d31e-8ab4-4367-99c5-7457450efb1d.jpgMarket Update
As we all see the huge number of buildings being renovated and new builds it is sometimes hard to comprehend the ups and downs. June and July were not especially busy.
/imagesdb/Issue/edd0f162-bcb7-4a45-86a8-8d0515fb693f.jpgNew Web Site
Changing times mean we have updated our web site. New graphics and images as well as more oomph make it awesome.
Current Feature Stories
March 2016
/imagesdb/Issue/668f91ff-691a-4364-bd2d-5d92224a7a45.jpgFrom a Global perspective
Demand for naturally beautiful appearance timbers is strong around the World. Supply is struggling to keep up for most.
/imagesdb/Issue/991f6b11-d005-4384-af81-6f0583c15cb9.jpgWeather boards and MORE
We have updated our CertClad weather board systems and they are now available on as well as
/imagesdb/Issue/f27605de-242b-44d0-8b5f-623fcfd944d9.jpgBlackwood a new treasure
Blackwood timber has sparked some interest in the past little while. This beautiful brown coloured timber, comes to us with PEFC certification.
/imagesdb/Issue/45e50f88-976a-47d3-961a-22f5ea01686e.jpgSilver Linings
The windthrown Indigenous Forests of the West Coast, faced a devastating storm in 2014. There was a lot of damage and trees blown down, as a result the Department of Conservation took the unusual step of allowing limited extraction of some timber.
/imagesdb/Issue/fd2340e3-a8a0-4389-a7b9-325487f095a3.jpgHeating up slowly
A slow start to the year, and then the start of March saw orders start to ratchet up.
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Promoting sustainable
forest management

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