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June 2015

Australian Hardwoods same same but different

Black Butt decking oiled

Black Butt Flooring and decking, decking oiled

We are increasingly finding it hard to believe all the information we are told about Tropical hardwoods. Corruption in many Countries means it is possible to trade so called "well managed " hardwoods from areas like the Amazon Basin, but it does stretch credibility to think that it can keep on going??? So we are adding a few new Hardwoods to our selection of Australian Hardwoods. Australia is no doubt not perfect but it is light years ahead of many other sources and we think offers a real step change, from continued deforesting our last remaining tropical hardwood forests. We are always trying to find NON TROPICAL good choice options and we are adding Black Butt (E.pilularis) to our choice especially for Decking and outdoor uses. Black Butt is a class 1 ( above ground) durable species.

Oiled Black Butt decking

Screens made from Black Butt and oiled

Blackbutt is being kiln dried to between 10-15%, we are choosing to release a ‘pre-oiled decking product’ into the NZ market, using Cabot's Feast Watson Traditional Timber oil. A product we feel will be a FANTASTIC choice for the discerning buyer. It does shrink and swell a bit so make sure you have a bigger gap than for Kwila.

Blackbutt, is a sustainably harvested (PEFC certified) hardwood from the East Coast of NSW, it does have natural characteristics such tight gum vein and small pinhole, and a colour palate of honey and brown tones, a perfect choice for the outdoor lifestyle! BUT IT IS REAL.

Blackbutt is a durability class 1 hardwood, and is naturally termite resistant, non lyctus susceptible, which means the sapwood does not require treatment, and has natural fire retardant properties, which hallows the species to be used in outdoor applications where bush fire is prone. Available in a range of sizes, this timber is ideal for most outdoor applications where a durable timber is required e.g. pergolas, cantilevered decks, outdoor steps, boardwalks etc.

Some comparative data on stability and durability listed below

Reasons to use Black Butt
Species Kwila Vitex Black Butt Saligna Jarrah
Durability Class 2 Class 2 Class 1 Class 3 Class 1
Certification VLC nil PEFC nil PEFC
Stability - T 2.5 2 4 4 4
Stability - R 4 4 7 7 7
Bleeding bad some little little little

The credibility of tropical hardwoods is increasingly being called into question, so here is a great choice. The Black Butt does check more than Kwila, it has some gum vein and so its not as perfect as Kwila or Purple Heart and other Tropicals, BUT it is for sure a real good choice from an ethical and sustainable point of view. Timspec once again leading from the front.

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