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March 2016

From a Global perspective

Knotty Western Red Cedar being used on a job

Another shot of the knotty WR Cedar, some like it, but one thing is for sure, will see more of it

I guess from a global perspective we see a few trends emerging. Appearance type  lumber products such as Western Red Cedar and Radiata Pine clears show strong signs of  strong demand and prices are rising. No doubt about the state of the markets for these products but some signs that supply is unable to support the demand. Radiata Pine forests have not been as widely pruned for many years as foresters could not see the higher returns the extra costs demanded, this it would seem may be a problem as the many modified timbers around the globe want the pruned clear wood from Radiata forests and there is not enough to go around.  Is this trend a cycle ? more than likely to a degree, but in context of declining tropical hardwood  supplies clear wood from plantation Radiata pine is a winner – surely? Western Red Cedar supplies are tight with demand exceeding supply and prices moving up and up. The cynics amongst us do wonder about the future and is the upward trend going to fall flat??  Volumes of Western Red Cedar being logged has fallen sharply and supplies are limited. We do know for sure that current demand exceeds supply and the available resource is limited. How demand is going forward is anyone's guess.

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Current Feature Stories
March 2016
/imagesdb/Issue/668f91ff-691a-4364-bd2d-5d92224a7a45.jpgFrom a Global perspective
Demand for naturally beautiful appearance timbers is strong around the World. Supply is struggling to keep up for most.
/imagesdb/Issue/991f6b11-d005-4384-af81-6f0583c15cb9.jpgWeather boards and MORE
We have updated our CertClad weather board systems and they are now available on as well as
/imagesdb/Issue/f27605de-242b-44d0-8b5f-623fcfd944d9.jpgBlackwood a new treasure
Blackwood timber has sparked some interest in the past little while. This beautiful brown coloured timber, comes to us with PEFC certification.
/imagesdb/Issue/45e50f88-976a-47d3-961a-22f5ea01686e.jpgSilver Linings
The windthrown Indigenous Forests of the West Coast, faced a devastating storm in 2014. There was a lot of damage and trees blown down, as a result the Department of Conservation took the unusual step of allowing limited extraction of some timber.
/imagesdb/Issue/fd2340e3-a8a0-4389-a7b9-325487f095a3.jpgHeating up slowly
A slow start to the year, and then the start of March saw orders start to ratchet up.
Current Feature Stories
December 2015
/imagesdb/Issue/50e4ece2-b683-48c1-b54c-6fca570c97db.jpgStaff News
2015 saw a number of changes in staff and we said good bye to some good people but we have been fortunate enough to fins some great new people and look forward to being able to do better than ever in 2016.
/imagesdb/Issue/fc22ac2b-cecf-44f9-b3e8-35cf13c4a277.jpgAccoya has a big boost in production coming
Accsys Technologies recently announced a joint venture with Solway to boost production at the Arnheim production facility nearly doubling capacity by 2017. So a big boost to Accoya supply is coming.
2016 Prospects and Opportunities
All the data and prospects point towards 2016 being busy and even better than 2015. Our biggest hurdle is managing the imported inflation some being the falling NZ dollar
/imagesdb/Issue/037d3f9f-e6ac-4800-b8e4-a02b01a48833.jpg2015 in Review
2015 has seen increasing building activity and a turning point for many of us to some tough times. 2016 looks promising and exciting. Bring it on.
/imagesdb/Issue/535a4d63-2ee9-4877-9a4d-55e90fc19201.jpgXmas Greetings
Xmas is only a few sleeps away and thank goodness. 2015 has been a real busy year.
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Promoting sustainable
forest management

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