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Promoting sustainable
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May 2012

The CertClad Story

CodeMark Certified Bevel back Cladding System
We have Codemark certified Bevel Back weatherboards, for the details go to the web site setup specifically for the product: - All the details and CAD drawings are available there.

Coming soon . . . the Vertical Shiplap solution
We have our vertical shiplap solution in draft form, just need to get through E2/VM1 testing and then we'll add this to our range of weatherboards.

BOINZ Conference

We set up a small display and attended the recent BOINZ conference in Auckland. This is John Gardiner from Dept of Housing and Building with Chris Wiffen from Timspec in front of our display. Some 200 delegates from all over NZ attended the conference.

CodeMark product certification is a voluntary scheme that provides an easily-understood and robust way to show that a building product or system meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. By specifying CodeMark products you can speed up your Building Consent process beacuse applications are quicker and easier. You also get the peace-of-mind from knowing that the products you're using passed the most extensive criteria of DBH's Product Assurance Framework.

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Current Feature Stories
May 2012
/imagesdb/Issue/4dd88af6-017c-4e25-b193-9f634d8897c2.jpgThe CertClad Story
CertClad Bevel Back cladding (a CodeMark certified system) is available NOW and we have a Vertical Shiplap solution under development which will be here soon.
/imagesdb/Issue/9c92ea48-672e-4e14-9b70-2405ce4f6b2e.jpgReinvestment at a new level
Cameron Shaw (The Renall Door Co) has passion and commitment as well as big....(proverbials). How many of us believe enough in what we are doing to invest $1.5 million + in new gear?
/imagesdb/Issue/827567cc-370e-4a74-b3c9-769e80bfbd7d.jpgGunns Sell
Gunns have sold off the last of their Hardwood Sawmills. Hayfield WAS their most modern and efficent Hardwood mill.
/imagesdb/Issue/fb24bcb6-f15d-4d06-bab8-eb6d84101111.jpgAccoya is Pumping
Accoya interest and sales are pumping, thanks to a lot of good work by our team and the efforts from Accsys Technologies. Currently the Tepid Pools job, as well as KFC stores are great projects that are underway.
Current Feature Stories
January 2012
/imagesdb/Issue/f417488f-e0d0-4862-a887-9e72d3512598.jpgWeatherboards / Cladding: A New Option
Timspec launched 2 weeks ago our Codemark certified weather board system. This will initially only be for Bevel Back, but we hope to have a rustic and vertical solution certified by the end of March 2012. Codemark is a Dept of Building & Housing approved scheme.
/imagesdb/Issue/6b05dbb8-0c57-403e-b0f9-85d9e5630174.jpgNZ News
In the Timber Importing business we are seeing some real changes. The fear of a Worldwide recession has impacted on prices and supply (read more in the timber stocks section). The impact of removing illegally supplied tropical hardwoods is seeing prices spike for many durable hardwoods.
/imagesdb/Issue/117548e3-4c28-48e1-8f7e-282512b19da8.jpgAccoya Project - K Rd Bus Shelters
Johnny Dobbyn did a great job of getting a showcase project and completing it on time in Accoya for Bus Shelters on K Rd in Auckland. The result speaks for itself. Accoya was used as a stable durable timber to give some warmth to an otherwise steel and glass structure.
/imagesdb/Issue/b387f4e9-2a6d-41a0-bad1-3eed9a27fbbe.jpgOnline Newsletter / Xmas hours
This is our first e-newsletter, and has been in the pot being put together for sometime. The format is pretty much as before but gives us more ability to manage the content and format ourselves. Xmas hours as follows
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TIMSPEC (Timber Specialist Limited) PEFC & FSC Certified Products are available on request
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Promoting sustainable
forest management

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