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Oct 2013

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2013 so far is a year of ups and downs. The first 4 months were breathtakingly ordinary for us, but thankfully we seem to have got some traction going now. The past few months have been steady and promising. The economy here in New Zealand is however, it would seem, not as robust as we all would like to believe. Growth is stymied by external factors and for us in the construction related trades it is a bumpy old ride.  Margins in the business are at 20 year lows but that is I guess symptomatic of crawling out of a major downturn. A builder recently said he felt building costs had risen 10% this year but felt that we are facing 40% increases in the coming year. From our perspective the cost for many of our timbers are well under long term average costs.  W R Cedar for example has been so cheap that there is no way but up. some of our fellow importers have been hell bent on price wars  resulting in even better deals for the market.  We are lucky we live in paradise and I was off hiking a week ago and took this shot of Anchorage in Abel Tasman National Park. A great reason to live in NZ.

The future prospects however for us in NZ are not looking too bad. Our building statistics show us off the bottom, rising but still a long way from where we were.  Given our immigration and population growth as well as housing shortage we need more houses. Across the Tasman in Australia their building activity is not looking that flash, same as Europe. I have been in the USA and Canada in the past few weeks and things there are looking better than for sometime. The demand for timber products is pulling prices up for a lot of building related product and improving prospects for all. In the UK we are seeing some definite improvements in demand for Building companies and Joiners. In Ireland where things have been dire they too are seeing signs of green leaves.

the updated graph of Building Permits as below illustrates the current state of affairs.. Improving permits being issued albeit the rate of increase is falling and the we are still along way shy of where we were.

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October 2013
/imagesdb/Issue/0c7e4922-95ab-440b-957c-17af47a1acc2.jpgPostitivity is here
Trends and demand in the construction industry here in NZ are as a whole getting better and better, but maybe the rate of improvement is slowing.
/imagesdb/Issue/72d55af7-cf20-436d-954a-bc7fcdee7376.jpgAmerican Hardwoods
Supply costs are volatile, but the good news is that all the American Hardwoods come from temperate forests and are sustainable and growing at least twice as fast as they are being cut. The costs are still very competitive compared to any other hardwoods
/imagesdb/Issue/74077bce-f916-4f2b-b2a0-082a8aa1268e.jpgTimspec changes
Our new man in Christchurch is getting ready to hit the streets and make some inroads in the rebuilding of Christchurch for us.
/imagesdb/Issue/7ea2e013-c985-428d-92ff-0fcc91abbfb3.jpgAccoya The Worldwide Conference and more
In September I was invited to join the Worldwide Accoya Conference in Bremen. The conference attended by over 90 people from 26 Countries and representing 44 distributors spent 2 and a half days discussing the state of the markets.
Current Feature Stories
June 2013
/imagesdb/Issue/387e16ec-db37-4d05-b78a-29ce755bfcce.jpgTimspec Update
We have appointed a new staff member in Christchurch,starting in mid July. The team will be at the level we need to satisfactorily service the market. At the Carterton site we have tar sealed the rest of our yard. In Auckland we are still thinking about moving.
/imagesdb/Issue/f4d3c6c0-3ebd-4539-bf89-d0cea4487b4f.jpgCertClad is complete - for now
CertClad our Codemark approved weather board system now covers 4 different Codemarks and includes 2 vertical systems and 2 horizontal systems. Together with the 3 species, profiles, and different coatings there are I think 500 options to choose from.
/imagesdb/Issue/6a5dd90e-6098-4cd1-a091-88e41d44526c.jpgMore Accoya
Accoya sales continue to flourish and interest in using Accoya is growing. The uses Accoya is being put to continue to grow as well. The latest new area is a pedestrian bridge where we are using Accoya as the deck and offering a non slip deck.
Smiles and some optimism
What is happening we are busy one minute then flat out and then next things seem falt. Overall steadily getting busier and no complaints but I am hearing about constraints like not enough people.
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Promoting sustainable
forest management

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