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October 2014

Staff Updates

Chai Sha Liew receiving her celebratory cake and some flowers

The biggest news is the achievement of our Financial Controller ( Chai Sha Liew) of 20 years service with us. Chai Sha is a vital part of our team and we would be lost without her. Chai Sha’s team of Fitu, Raewyn, Shefali and now Abigail has been strengthened to allow us to cope with the extra volumes of work we are facing with growth. Abigail a new member to the team is looking after Creditors and we are very pleased to have her join us. In the past few weeks Shefali graduated with her B.Comm and is learning the ropes in Accounting and Admin.

Carterton – our team capably led by Shane Wilson is doing a great job. At Carterton we are drying all our Cedar and Jarrah and as well some Rimu and odds and sods. The guys are kept pretty busy producing the goods as well as servicing orders for most of our Cedar, Radiata, Jarrah, Kwila, Malaysian Kauri, Truck decking to mention a few.

Christchurch we are pleased to welcome a new member to replace the departing Jack James. Sad to lose Jack. Our new team member is Jacob Cannell. The guys have been flat out preparing for the move and then moving as well as being busy selling. Stephen Norris has been off on a 3 day David Forman training course in mid Oct and James Chen is off on a well deserved holiday to visit his folks. Stretch helped out moving the stock and did a great job.

Thomas McGhie ( sitting) and Simon Petrie ( standing) hard at it in the Auckland office

In Auckland we are settling in some new staff as well. Anna Ulyanova has been with us 10 weeks and is under a training programme to learn about the business we are in,. Anna is working in our sales office now and we aim to have her up working there. Paul Greenhalgh has moved from being otut on the road targeting Builders to being a sales office focus, together with some responsibility for looking after Masterspec and CertClad enquiries. James Temple recently joined us and is working with Simon and his team in the warehouse. Abigail as we mentioned above has joined Chai Sha’s team as our creditors Clerk and is settling in well.

Anna Ulyanova waiting for a phone call in the Auckland sales office
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Current Feature Stories
October 2014
/imagesdb/Issue/a528d772-d841-4686-b657-3f2b89392fb2.jpgStaff Updates
We have had some staff changes over the past couple of months. The staff at Carterton have remained unchanged but we have a few new faces in Auckland and a new face in Christchurch. A big celebration here at Timspec with Chai Sha achieving 20 years service in early September.
/imagesdb/Issue/6aab8f4a-6bd0-47f7-8936-9509aa40aebd.jpgSupply Overview
The supply of our specialty timbers in general is showing signs of increasing costs, and the falling NZ dollar is not helping. Rebounding World demand is outstripping supply leading to suppliers wanting more money.
/imagesdb/Issue/c0926704-fe2c-4e2d-b9e2-4fe8ed42c098.jpgOur Christchurch branch has moved
On the 1st October, in Christchurch, we started trading from new premises at 9b Francella St, Bromley. we had to change Ph and Fax numbers as well.
/imagesdb/Issue/5da55573-a18b-4826-bac0-285a0112216c.jpgNew logo
We have started using a new logo more in keeping with our increasing focus on adding value to sawn timber.
/imagesdb/Issue/6853e0d9-dd01-4af8-bdd2-5a3a0fc30b3f.jpgNovember is seminar month
Check out our FREE seminar in November, we are holding three one in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on sustainable timber options. Save a tropical rainforest. for more information.
Current Feature Stories
July 2014
/imagesdb/Issue/76b9f7a1-27df-485c-a6e9-a572181a8afc.jpgStaff Update
A few changes in staff in our Auckland office and steady as she goes elsewhere.
/imagesdb/Issue/2637204e-f818-4d4b-a5bb-77c081546f10.jpgExporting Radiata Pine Logs - and Windthrown Indigenous Forests
Demand in China for softwood logs has dramatically reduced causing prices for export Radiata logs to fall. The huge areas of windthrown Indigenous forests are cause for concern.
/imagesdb/Issue/0331efaf-060e-40ab-9c6d-cbfb738f3012.jpgNZ Grown Hardwoods - some great eco friendly choice
NZ grown Exotics such as Saligna, Pilularis, Macrocarpa, Messmate, as well as SIlver Beech offer some fantastic buying as well as great Eco Friendly choices.
/imagesdb/Issue/27593454-5623-48a8-9a80-d8ff066b0cca.jpgEco Friendly Sustainable Seminars coming
We have 3 seminars, on available Eco Friendly timbers, planned for interested specifiers and users in November 2014.
/imagesdb/Issue/ac303f32-8e49-4d39-af6c-3caea7f05d1b.jpgCertClad now on Masterspec
CertClad's horizontal profile systems are now available on masterspec.
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Promoting sustainable
forest management

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