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PEFC PEFC/01-31-140
Promoting sustainable
forest management
Sept 2015

Staff Updates

Christchurch team has been frantic and doing a great job, no changes and all on board. Gareth is busy building his new home with Pip. So if you visit the warehouse at the moment his windows are there being Sikkens coated. Below a photo of his circular window and a few Sikkens coated frames.. Let us just say he has not had a lot of downtime lately.

Gareth's doors after quite a few weekends of coating

R A Hale made his round window for Gareth's new home.. Donald did a great job hope Gareth gets it coated soon.

Carterton is playing catch up on stock as we have had stocks dramatically drained with strong sales and playing catch up trying to get fresh stock to replace the stock sold. So a busy time for Shane and his team.

Auckland has been faced with a bit of winter ills as well as being either frantic or quiet. We have lost Fitu from our accounts team and have a temp on board helping (Cathy Cao) with most of Fitu’s duties being ably undertaken by Shefali Goyal. Shefali has been with us??? Peter Boyden is filling in for us on the debtor collection side of things,as  well as helping bed in a new sales representative Richard Attowood. We have also made a change with the appointment of Jeff Hughes who joins us as Financial Controller. Chai Sha who has been Financial Controller and worked for us for 21 years wants to take on new challenges within the company and she and Jeff will share some duties at least to start with. So a busy time with a busy market. Jonathan Rugg our new (joined in June) Architectural and Specifications Manager is getting into gear. We have re worked all our CertClad manuals and are preparing TPS as well as working on a new CertClad option!!! Watch this spot.

Jeff Hughes our new Financial Controller with Chai Sha Liew, who is moving into a new role after 21 years.

Richard Attwood our new Sales Representative in Auckland

Jeff Hughes with Cathy Cao ( on left) and Shefali Goyal ( on right)

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Current Feature Stories
September 2015
/imagesdb/Issue/f324da3f-5237-4fff-9368-59fd36a53857.jpgStaff Updates
A few changes and additions all in Auckland.
/imagesdb/Issue/c7e6abb8-eded-4671-a075-6c365ccfacf7.jpgBlack Butt decking a new non tropical choice
Black Butt decking provides a non tropical choice to build decks and still use a class 1 durable hardwood.
/imagesdb/Issue/d75b42f9-772a-43f1-a11b-6719e30b728c.jpgSupply chains
Supply chains are groaning at demand for key items. The growth in demand after the GFC has been slow and has seen a large number of sawmills here in NZ and elsewhere close and go broke. This is leading to shortages in supply as the remaining suppliers struggle to cope.
/imagesdb/Issue/b5dc470d-607c-417f-8cf4-bd6d27a1af74.jpgBuilding Activity
Data we see coming through suggest continuing demand for building materials and weather boards as an example are flying out the door. So prospects for Building Supply merchants should be okay.
Current Feature Stories
June 2015
/imagesdb/Issue/58a303f2-75b4-4cc6-b80c-95e5f7f2a6c0.jpgAustralian Hardwoods same same but different
In our quest to find hardwood's that are non tropical and suitable for use outside in NZ we are re focusing our attention on some of the Australian hardwoods. in particular we are looking at Black Butt.
/imagesdb/Issue/42027bbc-6b60-4efc-920b-a9466c61a538.jpgStaff news
A few changes in staff. The good news is a full crew in Christchurch and we have found great new staff to replace those leaving.
/imagesdb/Issue/36fabf7e-2add-44b1-9bfb-003a902fb70c.jpgSupply side developments
Lots happening with our supply chains and costs relating to each have their own story.
2015 has so far seen record sales levels but increasing pressure on margins as we see desperate sellers. Contradictory on so many levels but a fact. We ended the financial year 31st March with 2 record months in a row.
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Promoting sustainable
forest management

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