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April 2018

Supply Chains for 2018

We are seeing the same old same old as far as most supply chains go. In terms of tropical hardwoods we are getting closer to seeing volumes of FSC Kwila. There is more and more FSC hardwoods from South America and Africa replacing Kwila appearing here. Changing out one species for another is not something we are contemplating or supporting right now, as we believe in the new "generation" of modified timbers as being the future, and in particular Accoya. The process exists for 12 years and the technology for approx. 90 years, a proven technology and certainly a way more sustainable and durable option that a simple swap in tropical hardwoods species given availability. The supplies of the "tropicals" for want of a better description are non sustainable in the form we see today. Sure the harvesting and management of the forests are being "well managed" but the ability to continue to supply volumes of the old growth heartwood we see and demand is not. Why? Because what we need and demand is the heartwood part of the tree that takes hundreds of leaves to develop. Kwila, Purpleheart and others all are valuable because they are naturally durable, but the natural durability comes from the heartwood that takes all that time to develop. The thought of using immature Kwila and or others is untested and untried, so down right scary.

Western Red Cedar is another such story but without being “tropical”. In NZ we used to use a lot of Californian Redwood for cladding and Joinery, when that ran out we switched up and swapped to using Western Red Cedar instead. This has been a back bone of the Joinery and Cladding industry for 30+ years. However the volumes available have declined and quality, going forward, could up to an extend as well. The supply is being managed as PEFC certified and is certainly that, but the volumes of the old growth clear fibre we are used to is likely to continue to decline. we can have as much Cedar as we like but it is likely to be more sappy and more knotty than we are used to see.

The options we are seeing to take up the space occupied  by these traditional sources are Radiata Pine as well as the new modified timbers we see. Radiata Pine is widely used for decking and cladding as well as for framing and plywood. Radiata does present some limitations in of itself as it does require a preservative treatment to be used outside. These treatments use heavy metals by in large, as such are not widely supported, however the new copper only treatments are okay for most.

The modified timber options are currently limited in NZ to 2 options one being the Thermally Modified Timber (i.e. TMT) which is part of a publicly available classification as being suitable for exterior painted work. TMT as far we understand has no audit process to show the end-product has been produced to a standard nor confirming the reproducibility of it to a specific threshold allowing it to be labelled as TMT. No third party process testing and  although exciting and NZ made, it is not the "bees knees". Scientific testing is not publicly available for debate and although it is a great opportunity the end result, TMT is not yet time proven as being acceptable for a wide range of exterior applications. Accoya in contrast can be tested to ensure it is processed to a standard, has third party audit for its process and has publicly available scientific data to back up warranty claims. Undisputed claims. Of course TMT is cheaper but cheap does not make it any better than it is.

Inside the Accoya plant in Arnhem, just expanded, photographer Gerda van Ekris

expanded capacity for storage of Accoya in Arnhem, photographer Gerda van Ekris

Accsys new office at the Arnhem plant used Accoya and Tricoya on facade, photographer Gerda van Ekris

Another view of the façade on the Arnhem office, photographer Gerda van Ekris

Using Radiata and Accoya does save Tropical Forests!!!

What we want to save in the Amazon!

European Beech we have identified as a great opportunity to expand business with a solid sustainable choice. European Beech is available as either PEFC and or FSC depending upon the supply chain. We are currently sourcing our Euro. Beech as FSC from Austria. Our supplier has a great presentation we offer as below:

Abalon produced European Beech , FSC
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